Welcome to my website

If you're looking at this page, most likely you're looking for something. Could be something specific, or you could be driven by mere curiosity. The tag line of this page, reminds you that regardless of how much information you aquire, you'll always have much more to learn. Each one of us is content with a certain degree of knowledge, gathered along the way. Some say that happiness itself is proportional with the amount of knowledge you're willing to give up. Personally, I gave up a lot and I can say I am as happy as someone could be in my shoes. I focus on what is really important in this life. What is that? Well... everyone must find that "something" for him/her self. Certainly knowledge itself cannot bring you happiness if you're still a mortal.

About Me

My name is Marian Boricean and I am years young. I live in Harman, Brasov, Romania. I currently work abroad for some american company and I can say I love my job. I am a system administrator and I am involved in many areas; some challenging, some boring but useful in one way or another.

I am married with a beautiful woman and we have a wonderful daughter.

My contribution to the world is close to zero, :) But I am a very important person to some people. This gives me strength to fight and joy to live.
I work with computers for many yeas now. I can find it difficult to live without the access to the pool of knowledge that is the Internet. If you want to find out more about my professional evolution, here is my resume